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Peoria Promise
P.O. BOX 10226
Peoria, IL 61612


Q. What is the minimum and maximum number of classes that I need to take to participate in Peoria Promise?
A. There is no minimum number of classes to take to participate in Peoria Promise. Our chief goal is that you succeed in the classes that you take. We will gladly reimburse our students for as little as 1 credit hour and as many as 12 credit hours.

Q. I receive PELL funding, when will I know what percentage of my tuition bill Peoria Promise will reimburse?
A. Students receiving PELL funding are reimbursed 100% of successfully completed classes, up to 12 credit hours, keeping in mind that 25% of PELL funding and 100% of MAP funding counts toward the reimbursement.

Q. I am not receiving any PELL funding, when do I know if I will receive 50%, 75%, or 100% reimbursement?
A. After students have started the Fall semester and settled down, we will ask students to send us their entire SAR (Student Aid Report). We will collect the EFC (Estimated Financial Contribution) from all of our students. Depending on the family contribution of our students, as well as Peoria Promise's donations, we will determine the cutoffs for the 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Q. Does Peoria Promise pay for students' classes in advance?
A. No. Peoria Promise will reimburse students for successfully completed classes as above. Students receiving PELL funding should check with ICC to confirm they will accept anticipated PELL funding instead of requiring payment. Students not receiving PELL funding will need to pay ICC in advance using cash, credit cards, bank loans, or ICC’s payment plans. (

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