The Promise

  • Peoria Promise Mission Statement:
    • Support economic development by increasing the number of city of Peoria high school graduates who complete a college or vocational program, thereby delivering a more skilled workforce.


  • Economic Development in Your Community:
Our economy is directly influenced by the level of education and skills of the work force.  Similar programs in communities like ours have seen:


  • Better educated local workforce and corresponding income level increases
  • Reduced dropout rate and increased high school graduation rate
  • Increased college attendance and completion rate with narrowing of attendance gap by income and race
  • 10% enrollment gain following decades of declining enrollment
  • Increased tax revenues through population growth
  • Housing market improvement: Homes sold rose almost 7%, compared to about 5% regional decline. Community median home price rose almost 4%.
  • Reduced Crime
  • 70% of funded students stay in the community


A Foundation for the Future:

Peoria Promise provides students with 64 credit hours to be used over a 5 year period at Illinois Central College (ICC).


The Community Giving Back to the Community:

Funded entirely by individual citizens and businesses of Peoria.


For Everyone:

Any student who lives in Peoria and graduates from a public high school is eligible; no minimum high school grade point average (GPA) is required to apply.


Our students are counting on us to provide
them with opportunities for a great education
and skills to succeed. This is our clarion call
and our sacred covenant.”

- Superintendent Dr. Lathan


Peoria Promise is much more than a scholarship program; it is a catalyst to making Peoria an even greater community.


Who Benefits from Peoria Promise?
Everyone.  Students, parents, teachers, even local businesses and residents benefit from Peoria Promise.  As more students graduate, Peoria and the surrounding areas will see a boost in the economy as more educated and skilled students enter the workforce and live in the area.


“Peoria Promise has afforded me
the opportunity to live my dream
and become a Pediatric RN.”
- Peoria Promise Student


What does my contribution do?
In the first three years of the program, Peoria Promise funded the college education of more than 800 public school graduates.  Your contribution helped make this goal and a student’s dream of a higher education a reality.


What is needed to continue Peoria Promise?
Every year, an approximate amount of $1 million is required to continue our developmental efforts through education. The goal of the Foundation is to create an endowment to ensure stability of this program in future years. 


Peoria Promise Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization that offers scholarships to students living in Peoria, IL. All donations to Peoria Promise Foundation are tax deductible. For more information or to obtain a copy of the 501 (c) 3 letter, please contact Sheri McGill at


Read a letter from our Executive Director.




Join the Promise and help send hundreds of Peoria area students to college.




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Peoria Promise Gala

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Peoria Civic Center


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